Order Form for Small Group Screenings

*Public Performance Rights (see below) are included when you purchase DVDs at the prices below. These permit screening in a classroom or library or to a public group for an audience of 50 people or fewer when no admission is charged.

If your audience will be larger than 50 people, or if you would like to charge admission, please click here

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No. of DVDs
x $295.00 /FULL PRICE $375 -- University, College & Museum (includes Public Performance & Streaming Rights)
x $195.00 /FULL PRICE $250 -- Comm. College & Public Library (includes Public Performance Rights)
x $95.00 /FULL PRICE $125 -- Community Group & K-12 (includes Public Performance Rights)
x $9.95 Shipping and Handling
Payment Options

Click here to download an order form to pay by check if your institution requires.

Click here if you want to screen for a group of more than 50 people or charge admission.


  • Licensee is allowed to screen the film an unlimited number of times at the same venue or campus as long as no admission is charged.
  • Screening in a classroom or library, or to a public group of less than 50 people is permitted.
  • If admission is charged or if the audience exceeds 50 people, please contact ELSEWHERE FILMS for open showing fees.


  • This license grants Streaming Rights to the host institution for the life of the original file format.
  • Libraries are permitted to encode, host, and locally stream the licensed Content over a secure single server with password-protected connection to their users throughout a closed system.
  • Access must be strictly limited to users affiliated with your school or organization.


  • Licensee shall not broadcast the film on any unauthorized distribution platform including but not limited to the following: Cable TV, Internet or Social Media platforms.
  • Licensee shall not duplicate the film in part or whole.
  • Licensee is not allowed to lend, sell or rent the film to a third party.
  • Licensee is prohibited from editing or abridging the film in any way.
  • Licensee will take reasonable action to ensure the film is not copied or distributed by any third party in association with a screening.

Unauthorized showing, copying and distribution of “CITIZEN KOCH” is a violation of US Copyright law.